2019 USS KIRK Reunion


USS KIRK REUNION Save the dates September 18-22, 2019 for Colonial Williamsburg!!!  We’ll be staying at Hilton Garden Inn   https://hiltongardeninn3.hilton.com/en/hotels/virginia/hilton-garden-inn-williamsburg-PHFWHGI/index.html.

We have 35 rooms reserved.  The Tuesday (Sept 17) night before and Sunday (Sept 22) night after will be available at $91 double queen, and $101 king.  Note there are currently only a few rooms available for those two nights, so reserve early as you can. Link to register is below.


Any local shipmates interested in helping finalize activities and meeting agenda please contact Mike North at mike@norths.net or 816-797-5038.

This reunion is for ALL YEARS Kirk crew, and any of our Vietnamese and Taiwanese family and friends!  It would be awesome to even see a Fen Yang shipmate or two if they are in the US!

I encourage shipmates from all years to join us.   We really need to see some Yokosuka and Long Beach crew get involved.  You won’t regret it!  I look forward to seeing you all in Virginia next year!

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  1. As a Brit watching a tv prog on the fall of Saigon here in south London, UK, late the other night whilst enduring a dose of sciatica !!!!!

    So, so impressed by the role of Capt Jacobs and all the crew of USS Kirk in taking on so many south Vietnamese refugees fleeing from the brutal N Vietnamese regime.

    Capt Jacobs everyone’s idea of a commanding officer. Notwithstanding the rights or wrongs of the US involvement in Vietnam you should all be incredibly proud of a) your beautiful ship and b) your inspiring role in the great rescue operation.

    Best wishes for your reunion and good luck in repatriating the Kirk from Taiwan.I hope the Taiwanese looked after her.

    • David,
      Thank you so much for your kind words. I had no idea that our story had gone over the pond. As founder of the Kirk Association I had no clue that we would come so far. As youngsters at the time, the humanitarian spirit overtook us, we rose to the occasion.
      Those events shaped all of our lives from then on. We, as crewmembers, were “The Lucky Few” that came away from Vietnam with a proud spirit. But, it was the training, guidance and can do attitude of Captain “Jake” Jacobs that gave us the strength to stand tall and bring as much joy to the refugees as possible during their turmoil.

      Thanks again for you’re words and taking the time to express them to us.

      Jim “Bon” Bongaard
      OS2 USS Kirk 1972-1975

  2. Planning on being there. I am a Yokosuka crew member 1981 – 1983
    MM2 Laurence Toews. A gang and M division. I will see if I can bring a few others

  3. I look forward to seeing you there!

  4. Mike, I am planning on attending the reunion and look forward to seeing you and other Kirk Members

  5. My note, long overdue, is an expression of pride and appreciation for the efforts of ship and men addressed to all crew of the USS Kirk. As a former FSO who years later lobbied for the admission of our former allies and Amerasians, my efforts were the progeny of your incredible and life-saving response. You have provided a life to the many who would not have had one w/o your compassion and humanity.Warm wishes for a successful reunion. With all of my respect,

  6. Could you please print a list of attendees, dates 0n board and divisions as we get closer. I am looking forward to attending not just for myself but also for BTCM Armstrong who just past away.

    LCDR Tom Pollard MPA 1977-79

    • I look forward to meeting you. To respect the privacy of the attendees, I will not post a list on the internet. I will however be putting an agenda together, and will certainly consider adding an attendee list to that.


    • Hey Tom! Mike Varley, Denise Meyer and I will be there, and I’ve sent an e-mail to Mark Metcalf as well. Hopefully he and his wife Terry will join us.

      • Ken, Makiko and I are hoping to attend I would be great seeing all of you. Do you know to contact JR have not seen him since I was on New Jersey.

        Tom Pollard

      • Looking forward to seeing you Mark had my e-mail address


  7. Greetings! I’m a KIRK sailor from W-A-Y back. Participated in Operations Eagle Pull, Frequent Wind, and New Life in 1975 while we rescued folks from Vietnam and Cambodia. I still recall some events vividly, as if they happened yesterday. What a time that was!
    I live close to Williamsburg, so thanks for having this year’s reunion there. For those who have never visited Colonial Williamsburg, you’re in for a treat. The old town is quite interesting with plenty of information for the history buffs and opportunities to take great pictures..

    I plan on attending. This will be my 1st KIRK reunion.

    Emery Kirk

    • I look forward to meeting you Emery. What’s your rating?

      • I was an STG3 aboard KIRK.

        I retired as an STGCS (SW).

        By the way, Mike, I’m an author. I have published 3 books so far. The 4th should be published before the reunion. May I bring a copy of my books? I won’t be selling anything, simply getting exposure. It’s your call.

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