Fen Yang FFG-934


Decommissioning and Taiwanese service:

The Kirk served in the U.S. Navy up until 6 August 1993, when the ship was decommissioned and leased to Republic of China Navy in Taiwan. In Taiwanese service she was renamed Fen Yang (Chinese: 汾陽) with the hull number changed to 934. On 29 September 1999, the ship was finally purchased by Taiwan.

Any Fen Yang crew on here?  Say hello and by all means provide an update on her.  Pictures are always appreciated!

Fen Yang FFG-934 (photo taken 3-25-2020)

  5 Responses to “Fen Yang FFG-934”

  1. As first 48 radar tech she is a great ship with heart !

  2. Here a video of the Fen Yang (FFG-934) entering port on 13 April 2018:


    Still looking great after all of these years!

    p.s. Any SMs around that can read the flashing light?

  3. Is fen yang still in active taiwan navy

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