May 112016

Greetings USS KIRK Shipmates and Friends of KIRK,

“NOW HEAR THIS!  Bear a hand…..” 

How often did we hear that annoying announcement over the 1-MC during our time in KIRK?  The rest of that harsh sentence was usually “.…mustering the in-port fire party/duty section/10-man working party, etc.!”  Seems we always had a few “stragglers,” didn’t we?

Well, here we go again!  This is a serious reminder that we are now just one week away from May 18th, the day our really great $67.00 per day hotel price literally GOES AWAY!  Our President and Reunion Coordinator, Peter Schermerhorn negotiated this incredible reduced rate for us, but the deal is for a specific “block” of rooms for our reunion.

Here’s the rub:  sixty (60) days before the reunion begins, we are required to turn back to the hotel all the rooms that are not yet reserved.  And that 60-day cut-off date is May 18th, just one week away!

So, if you are still procrastinating, PLEASE call and make your reservations NOW.  Don’t run the risk of being told there is “no room in the inn!”  Just call the Branson Woods Resort reservation line at:

877-502-7058, and use the USS KIRK 2016 Reunion “Group Code” 60-383.

Keep in mind that Peter arranged this really great $67.00 rate not just for the five official days of the reunion (July 18-22) but also for the two days prior to, and the two days after the reunion.  So, if you want to arrive early, and/or stay late, the $67.00 reduced rate is good from July 16 through 24, inclusive.

PLEASE, “Bear a hand!”  Let’s not lose these rooms!

See you all in Branson!

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