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Greetings USS KIRK Shipmates and Friends of KIRK!

As you know, we are extraordinarily fortunate to have our very own “Branson Expert” as one of our USS KIRK Shipmates. Glenn Tahbonemah and his family have been regular visitors to Branson for more than four decades. Here is Glenn’s “Second Installment of things to do in Branson the week of the USS KIRK Reunion.”


Following is a brief list of a few of the attractions and things to do at Branson. Each item has a hyperlink to provide more information from the event itself. Again, it is nowhere near exhaustive, just a very sampling of some of the favorite thing my family enjoys about Branson.

The first item on the list is the hotel accommodations where we will be staying. It in of itself has a lot to do. You will also see the many types of accommodations they have. The basic price we have the rooms at are for the basic rooms but they are very nice accommodations.


This is the link to some of the attractions at the hotel where the reunion will be held.  The crew has done a great job at getting a great place to stay at such a great place with so much to do.  And, it is in its own quiet nook in this busy city.  It will be a great place to meet, greet, play, share, have fun, and just hang out.  Check out all the amenities available.

As I mentioned before, this is a very Veteran friendly city and atmosphere.  There are just as excited about us coming there as we are about being there.

Ride the Ducks:

This is one of the best in Branson for my family. We have ridden them many times. The tours is both on land and on the water.  It will take you through a very unique display of WWII equipment displayed in the woods on a hillside.  Then you hit, and I mean hit, the water of Table Rock Lake.  It is a must do.  (hint) Don’t ride the last seat or you will get wet when it the duck hits the water.  They go in at full power on most trips.  Reminiscent of hitting the beach only in reverse.

Silver Dollar City:

Another great go to is the Silver Dollar City theme park.  It has something for everyone of all ages.  From the exciting rides, yes, I ride them with my grandkids and then stay dizzy the rest of the day, to musical shows, displays, train ride, and lots of good food.  During the summer time it is highly themed towards kids but is still a fun for all.

Branson Landing (aka shopping):

This is just one of the many shopping opportunities in this multi venue city.  Here you will find the Bass Pro Shop, plus a whole lot more including some great eating places (common throughout Branson).  Mid way through the center you will find a great fire and water show with sounds (sometimes live music) that is very entertaining.  It is a long walk from one end to the other but there is a shuttle that you can hop on.  Parking is fairly ample on each side of the center.

There is also a Tanger Shopping Outlet: .

This has some really great buys all depending on what you are looking for.  There is also a whole lot more to shop at and spend time and money on.  Shopping is literally endless for those that are addicted to it.

Veterans Museum:

This is in of itself another stop worth your time and look.  It is the fulfillment of a dream of a man to honor his father, a WWII veteran, Fred Hoppe Sr. It was completed in only about ten months and opened in 2000.  It was Fred Hoppe’s desire not to just honor his father but all Veterans alike.  Make time for this time  honoring museum.  Well worth it.

Dixie Stampede:

This is a great dinner show that provides a great meal with more than enough to satisfy the largest appetite and a great full action show to go with it. Lots of audience participation, horses, action, a buffalo stampede, and comedy  Plenty of fun for the whole family or just your own small group.  Bring a big appetite and get there early for the preshow.


This is a great place to cool off with the kids, get wet, spend a day or a few hours, and enjoy some pretty nice sights. Gentleman, I do not know if you are aware but female bathing suits are at an all-time small. Just to mention to those who are interested. It also has some very amazing water rides and some just nice relaxing pools to drift in and get totally sunburned (ouch). It is owned by the Silver Dollar City Company. If you are going to make several trips to each of the properties owned by Silver Dollar you may want to check into the special pricing available.

Showboat Branson Belle:

This is another Silver Dollar City attraction. It is a great boat ride on an old style paddle wheeler with a great meal and show. It last about three hour’s total.

In the next installment I will try to cover more of the shows on the strip. Also maybe some of the non-cost attractions that are available.

Have a great time and I hope to see all of you at the USS Kirk Reunion, Branson.

Glenn Tahbonemah

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