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Greetings USS KIRK Shipmates and friends of KIRK,

We are very fortunate to have as our KIRK Shipmate Glenn Tahbonemah.  Glenn is one of our fine San Diego Shipmates who served in OE division as an ETR2 back in the mid-1970s.  Glenn and his family are “old Branson hands,” vacationing in that wonderful area of the country throughout the last four decades.  If anyone is an expert on what Branson has to offer during our upcoming USS KIRK 2016 Reunion, it is Glenn!  This is the first of Glenn’s “Branson Travelogues.”  We will be sending them to you as part of our frequent “Reunion Updates.”  Thank you, Glenn, and keep them coming!


Hello shipmates,

I have been requested to cover some general information about Branson where we will be holding our next USS Kirk reunion.  Our family has been enjoying going to Branson since 1979.  There has been a major change in the area since then, mostly all good.  The area has a very wide range of things to do and activities that should suit most anyone’s need, wants or desires in a family way.

The Branson area is a very family oriented area.  There are live shows of all types as well as plenty of action type activities.   But, let’s begin where we will be staying.

The Branson Woods Resort is a very nice resort in a great location.  We will be there at the height of the tourist season so there will be literally thousands of families and peoples all over the place.  The resort we are in is tucked away in a very nice area that is out of the hustle and bustle of all the happenings but it also is in a very centrally located spot that gives great access to every area of what Branson has to offer.  The main highway, 76, is normally over crowded but from the resort are some great backroads with much less traffic.  Maps are available to these roads.  Be sure to grab one and ask directions.  The resort itself provides plenty of opportunities to keep one busy having fun.

I mentioned shows. Shows and shows.  Check the links given in the previous mailing. Shows for whatever you like are available.  Comedy, country and western, good old hillbilly, dancing, dinner shows, just whatever gets you going, is there.  There is even a large screen IMAX with all the latest movies.

Boating, bring your own or rent one, fishing, lots of trout, beach, swimming, skiing, para sailing.  If it’s on the water they have it.  Even a fantastic Ride the Ducks, and be sure you don’t miss the opportunity.  They also have several excursions on the water you can take.  Some even provide a meal.  The big one is the paddle wheeler, The Branson Belle.  On that you get a great dinner and a show.  The cruises last about three hours and they have at least three a day.

Gentleman, don’t tell your wives but there is also a plethora of shopping of all types all over the Branson area.  Shop till you drop is a standard in Branson.  They have the factory discount shopping malls as well as a fantastic Lakeside Mall that runs along the Taneycomo Lake which looks like a river.  And if you get stuck there it also has a Bass Pro shop you can linger in while the wife shops.

Museums are plentiful.  They have a really good Veterans Museum on the strip.  Plus everything from a toy museum to a tractor museum.

The whole town is very Veteran friendly and always honors the Veteran most highly.  It is a first class place to be in America and brings back a lot of what we long for the way things used to be.  You will enjoy your stay here if all you do is sightsee.  I hope everyone ever connected to the Kirk will make it a point not to miss this reunion.  Branson is situated in the middle of the US to make it as accessible as possible to all.

I will cover some of the items more specifically in future updates.  There is much I have not yet mentioned that will even make it more desirable to attend with your family including kids and grandkids.


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